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Alternatives to the Essay: Infographics

In my English classes I’m always looking for assessments that aren’t essays. Here’s why: Our district is really big on alternative assessments and allowing students more choice in how they … Continue reading

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New Product Giveaway! Romeo and Juliet Comics

My newest product is finally finished! It’s a set of comic summaries of each act of Romeo and Juliet with warm-up activities included. I created these because I could never … Continue reading

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Don’t Hate! Annotate! How to REALLY Annotate a Poem

We all want students to know how to annotate and automatically do it when they are handed a piece of literature. The trouble is, for most students annotation is something … Continue reading

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What Makes a Book Great?

If you’re a high school English teacher – especially of the AP variety – it’s easy to get smug about books. We believe that some books are better than others … Continue reading

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Why Read Books?

This summer I had two wonderful experiences reading books. The first was reading War and Peace, which took me the better part of the summer, but was one of the most … Continue reading

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New Romeo and Juliet cartoons

Romeo and Juliet! These two cartoons are from a new project I’ve been working on. The comics will provide an overview of what happens in each act of Romeo and … Continue reading

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More Lessons From Yoga for Classroom Teachers

I recently did a post about what classroom teachers could learn from the way that yoga teachers run their class. Here are some more lessons that come from my experience … Continue reading

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