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character flaws



I got a cool job recently redesigning some characters for a client.  The characters had good ideas, but the design of them wasn’t very good – too computer-y and technical for my tastes.  I did not post them because I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to, but this is the first of the redesigns and I think it came out pretty well.  A couple of interesting things about this design:

1. I really tried to apply John K.’s principles of design with Ralph to make sure he had good construction and a deisgn I could manipulate and replicate.  You will see that Raplh’s head is basically a circle with a jaw added (following Preston Blair’s idea that the top of the head should be stationary and the jaw is where all the action is) and I created a line of action through the middle that I followed with construction.  Ralph is three heads tall; his mid section is evenly divided between the lower two “heads”.

2.  I abandoned my Walt Kelly influences a little bit and not only applied some stuff from the Blair book but also some inspiration from a little known Gene Hazleton strip called “Angel Face”.  Here’s an example of one of those strips:

Angel Face by Gene Hazleton

Angel Face by Gene Hazleton

Hazelton did a lot of work for Hanna Barbera, but I think this looks more like Hank Ketcham to me.  Anyway, I love his eyes and the proportions on the faces and I tried to capture some of that.


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