David Rickert

goodbye, John K

Sadly, John Kricfalusi’s blog, John K Stuff. appears to be closed to the public as of yesterday.  This is a shame, because it was a great repository for all sorts of instruction of how to draw cartoons. He had great lessons on composition, construction, hierarchy, and all sorts of essential stuff.  He was dedicated to training the next batch of animators by returning to the basics of the classics – Bob Clampett, Tex Avery and others.  There were several of us that became better cartoonists through working through his lessons and advice.

Sadly, now his blog appears to be invitation only.  Some people think that he is stopping the blog, but I subscribe to the feed and he’s still posting stuff.  He may be merging his exclusive cartoon college blog with this one, or perhaps he got tired of all the people who were acting like jerks.  At any rate, you can’t even get back to all the archived stuff, which is a real loss for those of us who learned a great deal from them.

I for one became better through his lessons and want to thank John for taking the time to give us all his knowledge.  I will continue to do the lessons as best I remember them in the hopes that maybe one day the blog will return.


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