David Rickert

dick briefer’s frankenstein

I just received an email from Fantagraphics that they will soon be publishing a collection of Dick Briefer’s Frankstein stories, from the beginning where it was more of a horror story to the later ones that are more humrous.  The earlier stuff will be great to see, since I’ve never had a change to look at it.  The later humorous stuff is all over the web, but it will also be nice to have them in crisp, restored editions.

This will probably give Briefer some long due recognition.  He was a terrific artist with a loose, animated line (I read once that he never did pencil roughs, preferring to just start with ink) and he also wrote some terrific weird stories.  The fact that Frankenstein’s nose is above his eyes is one of those details that I’ve never quite gotten used to, but the rest of his stuff bears a slight resemblance to Jack Cole (who, like Briefer, write and drew all his stuff.)

In the spirit of Halloween, here’s a Frankenstein story that I borrowed from Doug Gray’s site.


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