David Rickert

Li’l Abner

I just found out that the Library of American Comics will be reprinting the entire Li’l Abner series from the beginning.  This is excellent news for those like myself who are big fans of the Kitchen Sink editions, but are disappointed that the series was stopped before the entire collection was completed (although some would argue that those that remained were nor the strip in it’s heyday, and thus no big loss.)

I’m a little skeptical of this set, however, and I have some choices to make.

1. I already have a fair number of the Kitchen Sink books, and would still like to complete that collection (perhaps this series will make those volumes cheaper?)

2. I prefer the size of the Kitchen Sink reprints to what I assume will be a smaller size here.

3. However, the Kitchen Sink books only did the dailies.  To get the Sundays, you would have to purchases the LAC books.

Ultimately, while I like the idea of these complete series, it’s kind of frustrating to have a publisher start completely over when another publisher has already begun but not finished the job.  It could be that LAC quits it run around 1960 or before (around the same time that Kitchen Sink had to quit) thus leaving the series unfinished yet again.  The same situation exists with the new Pogo reprints (if those EVER appear) which were collected in around 10 volumes earlier before the publisher called it a day.

So whatever occurs, I’ll have to wait quite a while (years, in fact) before I ever see some Li’l Abner stuff I haven’t seen before.  I probably won’t buy the first volume simply because the material isn’t as good as the later stuff.  But as a big fan of the strip, I’ll probably have to get them all eventually.


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