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li’l abner 1952

Li'l Abner

Li’l Abner is my favorite comic strip and I have been reading the Kitchen Sink reprints from the library and am now up to volume 20.  I stopped there and began purchasing the Kitchen Sink collections starting completely over with issue 1; I’m now on issue 10 with that endeavor.  I’m surprised at how easy to find they have been and how inexpensive they are; even the Shmoo volume (14) was easy to get.  Not a bad thing to collect.  Certainly a lot less expensive than Carl Barks stuff.

Until you get to volume 21 (or 1952) that is, which is the year that Li’l Abner marries Daisy Mae.  On amazon from sellers this volume is going for around $300, I think, and there aren’t that many available.  I don’t even know what the damn thing looks like.  This is a very elusive volume indeed.

I CAN get it from the library and at least read this volume.  This is around where I was going to stop my collection anyway since reportedly once Daisy Mae and Li’l Abner finally get married the strip goes downhill pretty quickly.  The Kitchen Sink stuff doesn’t go on for too much longer than that anyway.   I’m still interested in READING the later stuff, but it’s likely I may not reread it if the quality isn’t as good as the ingenious stuff from the forties.

I suppose I could wait for the new reprints to pick up this storyline, but it may be years before they get there. Besides, I’m not convinced that the printing will be as pleasant as the Kitchen Sink volumes; as nice as the Terry and the Pirates series is, wouldn’t it have been great to have them printed even larger?

Perhaps this could be a plea to any Li’l Abner fans out there: anyone have a 1952 volume that they are willing to part with?


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