David Rickert


So here’s another picture from the grammar book I’m working on with Mark Pennington at Pennington Publishing.  I decided that (probably given the weather and that Mark is from California and needs to be exposed to such things) I would do a snow scene for one of them.  Here is the original draft of what I did:

Honestly, I couldn’t bring myself to complete it.  The concept was okay, the drawing was fine, but it just looked to sweet – the sort of drawing that tends to pop up in textbooks and other books for kids that is sure not to offend.  It had a classic feel to it that was a little dated.  No one builds snowmen like this anymore.

So I ditched this idea for something a little more fun and something I could be more proud of.  Here’s the final:

A snowball fight!  Much better, and much more likely for kids to actually do.  I don’t want to present a sanitized version of winter for the kids.

Anyway, I liked the final drawing and two months later I still do.  I wish I would have added more snowballs and I’m not keen on the guy on the right’s arm, but I tried to capture the feel of an actual war – you know, being in the trenches and all that.  And I do think the cartoon has some depth to it, a quality I’ve really been working on with this set of drawings.  Much better than the snowman idea at any rate.



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