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Jeff Stahler


INK. from Amanda H. Cook on Vimeo.

Here’s a cool short video on Jeff Stahler, the editorial cartoonist for the Columbus Dispatch, which is where I live.  He explains the process he uses to create an editorial cartoon using a Donald Trump cartoon; this doucmentary must be hot of the press because I remember the cartoon from a week or so ago in the paper. 

As always, its interesting to see cartoonists work and explain their process, and I’ve always felt Stahler was one of the best cross hatchers out there and you get to see him do that (although there no great mystery there- cross-hatching method is pretty easy to figure out.)  Stahler is old school – he does the coloring on the computer, but his drawing and inking is all done by hand and scanned in.

Stahler appears to be working from home, and says that he scans his roughs in and sends them to the editors, who then email back comments.  Long gone are the days when editorial cartoonists had to work in the office of the newspaper.  I read an amusing anecdote about Berkely Breathed in his most recent Bloom County collection where he mentions putting something in the mail to meet a deadline.  Those days are long gone.

Stahler also does a daily panel strip in addition to his editorial work, and I’m amazed that he’s able to get both done.  Or rather, I’m amazed that he’s able to come up with two good ideas in one day when so many cartoonists have trouble coming up with one (Jeff Amend, I mean you.)

Stahler always been one of the guys whose work I follow religiously, so I found this to be a fun little 8-minute film.


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