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John K’s Cartooning blog

I’ve been following John K’s blog for a few years now, and it’s a treat for everyone who is interested in cartooning. John has a true love for and knowledge about cartoons and what works and what doesn’t and while he hasn’t been posting with as much frequency lately, he’s still a guy worth following. Why?

He’ll give you the basics of good cartooning. I have received more instruction from John’s blog that virtually any other place. He’s a wealth of information on what does and doesn’t work. He has links to lessons based around Preston Blair’s book on animation that are essential for anyone wanting to understand cartoons and how to draw them better. The Blair lessons are primarily geared toward animators – one lesson seems geared toward mastering the ability to correctly duplicate a character, clearly an important skill for any animator – but along the way you will really learn how to draw characters. Many people think cartooning is easy – and John K is very dismissive of those who treat it like it’s easy – done properly, it’s as difficult as any art form.

Here’s a recent post by John that will lead you to the instruction stuff: The Best Tools For Cartoonists.


John K will also lead to discover great new cartoonists. I never would have appreciated the great work Howie Post did for Harvey Comics or the wonderful Gene Hazelton Flintsone cartoons were it not for his blog. (I alos discovered Milt Gross, yet failed to appreciate him, as I’ve mentioned in another post.) He’s always on the hunt for interesting cartoon relics, some from other sites which I followed too eventually. John also links to some great old cartoons from Warner Brothers Max Fleischman, and others. He has little use for much contemporary animation and while he perhaps overstates his case, he does argue persuasively for what’s wrong with the medium.


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