David Rickert

What I learned from Blur’s “Parklife”

I have never been a big Blur fan, but for some reason that I can no longer recall I listened to “Parklife” on Grooveshark recently. I really liked it, and listened to it once more, checked out some Youtube videos, then decided to go onto Amazon to see how much a used copy would cost.

There appeared to be an endless supply of used CDs for a penny from third party vendors, plus $3 shipping and handling. I decided three dollars wasn’t too much to spend and there wasn’t much risk involved if I grew tired of it, so I ordered it. This was on March 28th. Today is April 20th, and I still have not received the CD yet. I checked the estimated arrival date, and found that I should get it sometime between March 24th and May 7th.

The thing is I really don’t care now whether I get “Parklife” or not anymore. The excitement that I felt when I purchased it has worn off, and I’ve had to wait so long that most of the time I forget about it.

There are too things at play here. First, even though I bought it cheaply and there wasn’t much risk involved, I am still adding stuff to my life. If I had waited a couple of weeks before buying it, I probably never would have. Second, although I didn’t pay that much for it, there is no way that “Parklife” will live up to the wait and anticipation that are placed upon it.

Yes, I have listened to it on Grooveshark, so I know what it sounds like. But I looked forward to listening to it in the car. And that brings me to my third point – I didn’t want to just listen to it. I wanted to own it. I could have spent no money at all, but there was some compulsion that I wanted to add it to my life. To my stuff. Most of which I don’t need, and gives me only momentary pleasure. And not the amount of pleasure I expected.

So as much as I’d like to listen to “Tracy Jacks” on the way to work, chances are, pretty quickly, I’ll put it with the other CDs and ignore it for months.  We accumulate more than we need, and most of what we have doesn’t make us all that happy.

But I could be wrong. So just for fun, here’s “Tracy Jacks.”


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