David Rickert

Clip Art – Book Excitement

These clip art images have a couple of students thrilled to be reading. Both of them feature characters I created a while ago.


This first image features a character I created a while back when I thought about the possibility of creating a syndicated newspaper strip. I had drawn a daily strip for The Lantern at the Ohio State University, so it wasn’t that far fetched an idea. However, I just couldn’t find the time to sit around and think of funny ideas all day and quickly abandoned the idea after drawing one strip. Val, the character reading here, is a holdover from that strip. She was a high-strung honors student constantly worried about getting into college and her name is short for “valedictorian.” I have always liked her design and she’s been a useful character to bring out from time to time.


This guy is named Tom and he comes from a collaboration with Mark Pennington from Pennington Publishing. We are working on a series of phonics books aimed at older students just learning to read. He is based on a guy called Norm from a previous collaboration called Teaching Grammar and Mechanics  (as with all of our collaborations, Mark does the writing and I do the illustrations.)

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