David Rickert

Sidewalks #4: Jeni’s in Grandview

“Sidewalks” is part of “Sketch in the City,” an ongoing series in Columbus Alive! featuring Columbus cartoonists in a six week run. This is the fourth of my six strips.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is awesome, and it is fiendishly located within walking distance of my house. They have wonderfully exotic flavors – you won’t find regular chocolate or vanilla without some twist – and you’re likely to find some flavor that will make you say, “there’s WHAT in it?” Fortunately you can sample everything, and you’ll find that even the stranger flavors can be pretty good.

I took some photos of the store for reference, but instead of tracing the background for the cartoon like I had done with Sidewalk #1 and Sidewalks #3, I just drew it by hand. It’s not exact, because I had to change the proportions of the store to frame the characters properly, but it definitely captures the store. The two workers are the people that were in there when I went to take pictures.

Speaking of that, there were people in the store that were buying ice cream while I was in there snapping away. I told them what I was doing because I thought they might wonder what I was doing with pictures featuring them in it, but no one seemed to care. I guess that’s how things are in the age of social media.

At any rate, with Sidewalks #3 I complained about how I overcooked the background because there wasn’t enough variation in the weight of the background to set the characters in the foreground. I fixed it with this one. Part of the solution was to switch to inking the background with a brush instead of a pen, which allowed much more line control. Most people would think the opposite, but I use a brush for virtually everything I do, so I’m much more comfortable with it.

The basis of this strip was this article in the New York Times about irony. I don’t have much use for irony and appreciate sincerity much more.

The author of this article is David Rickert, who leads parallel lives as a cartoonist and teacher. When not creating comics out of thin air, David teaches high school English Language Arts in Columbus, Ohio. His witty and engaging cartoons turn abstract and complicated concepts into concrete and concise images to embed content into our long term memories. Let’s face it: he makes boring topics entertaining. And he actually does yoga. Check out his Grammar Comics and more resources to bring life to your ELA instruction at his store.


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