David Rickert

Sidewalks #5: Goodale Park

“Sidewalks” is part of “Sketch in the City,” an ongoing series in Columbus Alive! featuring Columbus cartoonists in a six week run. This is the fourth of my fifth strips.

I owe a lot of credit to Max Ink for making this idea work. After I abandoned an idea involving food trucks that wasn’t really working, Max gave me the idea of a lemonade stand. Much of this comic was the result of kicking around ideas at Stauf’s coffee shop.

I think Goodale Park would be a great place to set up a lemonade stand, although I’m not sure if it’s against park regulations or not. Goodale Park is just North of Columbus and is the home of ComFest, Columbus’s yearly community festival. I have only been once; a lack of parking and a sometimes sketchy crowd keep me away.

The fountain in the background is a hallmark of the park. Here’s is a close up look at the top:

The author of this article is David Rickert, who leads parallel lives as a cartoonist and teacher. When not creating comics out of thin air, David teaches high school English Language Arts in Columbus, Ohio. His witty and engaging cartoons turn abstract and complicated concepts into concrete and concise images to embed content into our long term memories. Let’s face it: he makes boring topics entertaining. Check out his Grammar Comics and more resources to bring life to your ELA instruction at his store.


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