David Rickert

A recent trip to the Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum at the Ohio State University to visit their new exhibit, “King of the Comics: William Randolph Hearst and 100 Years of King Features. Here are some photos of the exhibit.

Here’s an early Snuffy Smith cartoon that I found oddly menacing.


Early Dr. Seuss. I didn’t know he had a comic strip, albeit briefly.


Polly and her Pals. Always a treat to see one of these. I love Cliff Sterrett’s bizarre, cubist drawing style.IMG_2309

I love “Right Around Home” and Dudley Fisher’s busy panels shot from a bird’s eye view. I’m always amazed at the composition in these strips when I see one. The Cartoon Museum should collect these strips in a book like they did with Billy Ireland’s work. He’s an Ohio guy. Why not?


I don’t know that I captured it in this photo, but this Prince Valiant strip is enormous. Easily the size of a piece of posterboard.


Archie! And actually a pretty funny weekday strip. Most of them aren’t that great compared to the comics.IMG_2312

Dennis the Menace. Hank Ketcham. Enough said.


Took a picture of this Bizarro strip for Dan Piraro. He may not get to see this exhibit, but he’s probably glad to know that he’s part of it.


Jack Kirby.


Here’s a Pogo strip that’s part of their permanent exhibit. One of the treats of the Cartoon Museum is that you can see these strips close up and, in Kelly’s case, see the original pencil marks. Check out the detail in the lower panel:

IMG_2316 IMG_2317

And of course I’m always amazed to see this: the desk that Chester Gould used to draw Dick Tracy, complete with an original strip.


More info on the Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum.


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