David Rickert

Play Ball! Perspective and Layout

Perspective can be tricky. If it’s wrong in you’re drawing, the whole thing will look terrible. It complicates matters tremendously when you’re drawing what you know to be a perfect square, like a baseball diamond, and you can’t figure it out. It’s just geometry, right?

In this drawing the focus was on Sam, the pitcher. Therefore, I had to show him on the mount from the front so that you could see the determination on his face. But since it was the first drawing, it needed to be a good establishing shot, because the field wouldn’t be seen for the rest of the drawings.


I draw this sketch of the pitcher and batter, which looked right proportionally to me. Then came the hard part of placing the rest of the infield.

I knew for sure that the pitcher’s mound was on the straight line that ran from home plate to second base. Therefore, I knew that I could run a line through home plate and the pitcher’s mound and find second base. The other bases, however, proved problematic, as you can see from the various lines I tried to draw on the page. Nothing looked right. (One of the mistakes I made was I put first base in between the mound and home plate. It actually goes on the outside.)


I actually had to draw a square in perspective to visualize this thing.


Finally, I had this worked out pretty well, and it helped that I didn’t have to show third base and deal with that. However, the drawing just looked wrong. For one thing, the batter and Sam are both lefties. I’m a lefty myself, but right handed was definitely the way to go. Also, there was too much open space in the drawing. It just didn’t feel like a game. There was a tremendous amount of open space in between Sam and the batter, and I wanted to make it more dramatic.


Take two, and the final drawing. I flipped the composition and moved the batter closer to Sam. You can’t see as much of the field anymore, but you can see second base and a few outfielders. I like how it looks now. It really looks like a Western duel, even though I didn’t intend that, and you can sense the drama of the scene.

Just for fun, here’s another drawing from the book.



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