David Rickert

Tom Moore and Archie

I met up with Michael Neno a few days ago at Tim Horton’s. He had graded some of my uncle’s old comics from the fifties and I let him have some old Archie comics in return. Michael’s a big Jughead fan, so he’s always on the hunt for some stories he hasn’t read.

Naturally our conversation turned to our mutual admiration of the artists and writers who worked on Archie over the years. Michael’s favorite is Samm Schwartz, who specialized in the Jughead stories and who I too like better than Dan DeCarlo. But I pointed out an artist’s work that I admired and Michael wasn’t familiar with. Here’s a page:

FullSizeRender 4

A search on comics.org revealed that the artist is Tom Moore, a guy who neither of us recognized. He has a very distinctive style which isn’t much like Montana or DeCarlo. It’s very loose with a lot of variation in line width. He might be working from very sketchy pencil roughs, and definitely has some great gestures at his disposal. I’m familiar with Moore mostly from his half page and one page gags, but the more I looked he was given the opportunity to draw full length stories as well.

Here’s another page by Tom:

FullSizeRender 3

He worked on Archie for a number of years, but surprisingly I can’t find too much of his work online. I’m not even completely sure that this is him (the one story we looked up could have been misattributed.) Maybe one day he’ll stumble on this post and we can find out for sure. He’s definitely an unsung hero of the Archie comics world, and one of my favorites.


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