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This Guy! Tom Chitty

I have had a subscription to The New Yorker for over twenty years. It’s a huge time commitment to keep up with. I’ve thought about dropping it several times so that I can do things like eat and sleep, but I always keep it because of the cartoons. Years ago many magazines published cartoons, but now only The New Yorker and Playboy provide well paying venues for cartoonists. I doubt my wife will let me subscribe to Playboy, so The New Yorker remains me only steady dose of magazine cartooning.

The look of the cartoons has changed a lot of the years from the days when Arno, Roth, and Lorenz were the top dogs. Some of the new cartoonists I really like, but some of them don’t have much visual appeal for me. Then there’s Tom Chitty, whose work has recently appeared in the magazine. I was completely bewildered by the look of his drawings at first. “How the hell did this get into The New Yorker?” I thought. Eventually, though, I began to look forward to his outright bizarre looking cartoons and became a fervent admirer of his work. So much so that his cartoons are the ones I most look forward to.

This is the one that turned the corner for me and I thought, “Okay. I’d like to see a LOT more of this guy’s work.”

Here are a few more. His humans are gloriously weird looking.

Unlike some of the other New Yorker cartoonists, Chitty is pretty easy to find online. Here’s his website. You can order prints of his work on his Etsy page. He’ll even draw your house! Check it out.


One comment on “This Guy! Tom Chitty

  1. Cheri Thurston
    June 22, 2015

    Very interesting post. I too am a New Yorker subscriber, but sometimes my approach to the cartoons is to try to figure out why the heck they are supposed to be funny. (Love that Seinfeld episode where Elaine doesn’t get one of the jokes. I could relate.) On the other hand, I love and have cut out many of the jokes to post where I can see them and smile.


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