David Rickert

New Romeo and Juliet cartoons


Romeo and Juliet! These two cartoons are from a new project I’ve been working on. The comics will provide an overview of what happens in each act of Romeo and Juliet. These will be a fun alternative to handing out summaries of the acts. For one thing, they don’t give too much away. Second, I have hidden Easter eggs throughout the panels of metaphors and images from the act (for instance, if you look closely at the last panel, you’ll see a “rich jewel in an Ethiop’s ear” on the floor.)

The back side of these cartoons will be activities centered around the work that will get kids interacting with the text without the use of No Fear Shakespeare. For example, an activity from Act One will have students looking for book imagery as they read Lady Capulet’s description of Paris.

Want to have access to them without the watermark? You have a couple of options to be notified when they are done. First, you can follow me on Facebook. Or, simply follow my page for updates.

romer and juliet


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